“Miss dd Starr, you are an absolute natural and the crowd just loved you. I keep hearing such amazing feedback from both women and men about you and your playful and fun performances. You have the unique ability to read the crowd and keep them on their toes with your comedic flare and your gorgeous moves, all the while never making anyone feel uncomfortable or out of place. 

Everyone also loved the fact that all of you were in the ballroom for the countdown and having fun with the crowd to ring in the New Years - it gave our guests the feeling that you were part of the Hacienda crew and wanted to make sure all the guests were happy from the beginning to the end.”

-Jodie Lee, Hacienda Sarria

“I have been taking private lessons with dd for 6 months now and she has helped me feel more confident and comfortable with myself. Her wonderful attitude is both professional and fun, and I have very much enjoyed the time spent working with her. She is extremely talented in all that she does and is a wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is trying to expand their existing abilities, looking to build confidence and to love more authentically. She will definitely ensure you come out of any experience with her feeling like a more positive and fabulous version of yourself”

-Melissa, Private Lesson Client

“We LOVED working with you and your pin up girls and think our product launch was an incredible success. Thank you for everything and we are already looking forward to our next event with you.”

-Ruth Goudie, Benefit Cosmetics Canada 


“Miss dd Starr is pressing up what I like to call "perfect burlesque."  First of all, she's not a toothpick, but she is still very healthy, sexy and soft looking.  She's doing the classic 1940's style with the platinum top and flowers in her hair.  I can feel the shimmying in my bones just gazing upon her.”

-  Anna Pournikova, Xtra Xposed