Not only is Miss dd Starr a spectacular showgirl she has also been producing elaborate cabaret, burlesque and pin up events since 2013. Crafting luxurious, personally-curated entertainment that celebrates your taste, desire and fancy. From conception to perfection, she specializes in bringing the class, beauty, glamour and WOW factor to your special event.


Services Include:

Go-go dancing, bar-top dancing, solo burlesque performances, burlesque & cabaret shows, product launches, bachelor/bachelorette acts, International burlesque festivals, meet & greets, pinup parties, private events and everything else in between. If you can dream it we can create it together.


Every time I see Miss dd Starr perform, she throws something new at me that blows my mind. She recently returned from competing at the first ever Lake Como Burlesque Competition in Italy where she won the Queen of The Lake (so proud!) Her piece for the Toronto Burlesque Festival kept me thinking of the Depeche Mode Violator album – the one with the big flower on it… you’ll understand when you see the photos. It was a fabulous, if not perhaps a little too darkly lit piece (just from a photo POV). She started the set in a Flamenco style ensemble with a twist of a corset addition and her moves were all hot and steamy tango. Shedding the long and restrictive skirt she took a life-size rose as her partner (there’s the Violator cover imagery for me) and continued her seductive dance across the stage. Her final striptease had her teasing us with peekaboos from behind a silken fabric. It was sultry and seductive and truly and original and unique performance from someone I am now coming to expect pieces that are above and beyond the norm.


Olena “Photolena” Sullivan - Burlesque Beat