Miss dd Starr is a burlesque dancer, teacher, stylist and pin up model known for her sweet and sultry style and crowd pleasing whiskey steeped signature acts. This sought after blonde bombshell has graced stages across Internationally and continues to be a crowd favourite.  She is the Como Lake Burlesque Festival title winner Queen of the Lake 2014

Her elaborate shows are always tailored to bring her client’s vision to fruition.  Her creative talent and awe-inspiring acts will captivate your audience and leave them craving for more.  From smaller, more intimate functions to black-tie gala's Miss dd Star will dazzle, inspire and entertain.  Her sought after stag-ettes, pin up workshops, private and group lessons are always catered to enhance your best, yet naughty self.  Miss dd Starr is also an Executive Producer with Two Dames Productions, known for producing premiere events featuring live entertainment with sophisticated style and decadence.  Her industry experience coupled with her heartfelt passion for the art of burlesque is her drive.

It is her intention to spread her love of the female form, classic glamour and celebrate beauty redefined by today`s burlesque revolution. Today she continues to share her message of self-love, acceptance, the celebration of unedited beauty, the power of live performance and beauty transformed.

       "And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud remained grater than the risk it took to bloom"                                    - Anais Nin -