Miss Starr featured in Missy Ink 2013:


 Miss dd Starr is pressing up what I like to call "perfect burlesque."  First of all, she's not a toothpick, but she is still very healthy, sexy and soft looking.  She's doing the classic 1940's style with the platinum top and flowers in her hair.  I can feel the shimmying in my bones just gazing upon her.

-  Anna Pournikova, Xtra Xposed

We're all taught to stay in school in order to get ahead in life. Study hard, put your nose to the grindstone. Well, fabulous burlesque beauty Miss dd Starr did just that, except it was more about rhinestones!  Heating up the Toronto burlesque scene for years now, Miss dd Starr always brings a unique and fantastic blend of sex and style to her performances that always wow's audiences.

-Award-winning sex journalist Jon Pressick

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